We need a DPS that works for all of us.

To accomplish this, we must focus on:


  • Reduce class sizes.

  • Reduce student turnover.

  • Ensure that all children, regardless of background are resourced equitably.

  • Ensure that teachers reflect student diversity.

  • Ensure that black and brown children are provided with the resources they deserve.

  • Offer a wider range of subjects to every school.

  • Reduce testing and homework.

  • Reduce student harm by focusing on mental health rather than policing and security.

  • Address transportation needs for each school to make equitably-informed, environmentally-sound and traffic-friendly choices.


  • Hire licensed and university-trained teaching professionals.

  • Pay teachers the professional salary they deserve.

  • Embrace diversity in teacher recruitment.

  • Allow teachers the freedom to teach young minds to be curious learners, not test-takers.

  • Allow teachers and principals the ability to identify and offer children different pathways to flourish – more music for some, more math for others.

  • Work closely with Denver’s teacher union (DCTA) to ensure that teacher issues are not addressed only when in crisis.

  • Address teacher shortage created by the portfolio model of school choice.


  • Extend DPS Board oversight to all schools currently receiving taxpayer funding.

  • Support the NAACP’s decision to call for a moratorium on licensing new charter schools.

  • Ensure that school location and colocation decisions carefully examined with as much community input as possible.

  • Build power through relationships and reciprocal coalitions with our community.

  • Revisit DPS finances with the goal of breaking predatory contracts and reallocating funds to our classrooms.