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If it is a Public School and receives Public Dollars then it must be fully subject to Board Oversight.

All candidates running for school board are not equal. Yes, all of us are running for a seat on the Board. But some of us are fighting for something more. Our platform includes informing and engaging the public about issues such as transparency and accountability. If we are going to make these elections and all the effort they take meaningful, then we need to fight for control and oversight of 100% of our public schools receiving our tax dollars.

We are shining a light on an interesting dynamic by which educational policies in Colorado and DPS have weakened the elected Board. In 1997, all DPS public schools were subject to full oversight by the people’s Board. Then Charter and Innovation Schools were introduced in DPS. Our public dollars fund these various models and they are classified as public schools - the same as the traditional public schools. However, the difference is that charters and innovation schools are managed and overseen by Executive Principals, Management Organizations, Innovation Zones, Appointed Charter Boards, etc. They do NOT receive the same level of Board scrutiny and oversight that traditional schools do.

In 1997, we had direct board oversight of 100% of our schools. In 2007, it dropped to 85%. By 2017, we had direct oversight of only 47% of our public schools. As Denver taxpayers, we know 62 cents of every dollar in residential property taxes goes to fund Denver Public Schools. We MUST know how our tax dollars are being spent! Public Schools, Public Dollars, Public Oversight.