Who I am.

The first time I “ran for office”, I was a 12-year old eigth-grader in India. The position was head girl, and I ran on a promise of bringing balance to our school. After winning the spot, I gained the trust of my peers by showing them that I was willing to fight for them.

That’s me in the bottom left corner with the black head girl badge on my chest.

That’s me in the bottom left corner with the black head girl badge on my chest.

As an adult, I moved to this country for graduate education, got a doctorate in public policy and became an American citizen. I worked nationally and internationally as a researcher and policy expert in the arena of healthcare.

I completed my post-doctorate work in the United Kingdom. My educational background allowed me to create a successful career, provide for my family and advocate for socially-just policies. I have worked to expand healthcare to all Coloradans and am still engaged in the effort to bring universal healthcare to our state and nation.

It was after becoming a working mom of two sons that I realized that in my adopted country - “the land of opportunity” - education is no longer the opportunity that children can count on to catapult them into a successful and secure future.

As I run for office the second time, the stakes are much higher. Powerful special interests are doing everything they can to privatize public education in Denver, and only community resistance will prevent it from happening.

I am a policy expert. We need policy expertise on the board so that we can evaluate that DPS is allocating resources justly. We also must ensure that policies already in place go through a rigorous feasibility analysis. We know that recent bond and mill levies have allocated monies unwisely and resulted in wasted expenditures that were not based on solid policy analysis.

I am a disability rights advocate. To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’. We need to ensure that all children, but especially those most vulnerable, receive compassionate, equitable, and effective access to education within our system. We also need to ensure that children of every race, gender, ethnicity, class, and religion are recognized and properly addressed by the district. We also must be sure that English language-learners are given the same opportunities for high-quality education as their peers.

I am running to be your district 1 DPS school board member because I want to bring back the joy of learning to our public schools. As your board member, I will use my policy and analytical expertise to ensure that DPS upholds the values of equity, empowerment and transparency while supporting our neighborhood public schools. We can and must rebuild trust in public education and DPS. Let’s transform DPS into a trustworthy, high-quality, equitable and loving school system. Our schools should be the opportunity that all our children deserve.


A central pillar of our campaign is transparency. For this reason, we will provide a link to TRACER - Colorado’s website for all things campaign finance. Once you get the hang of it, you will see that nothing powers our campaign but grassroots donations. We do not take PAC money! If you have any questions about using TRACER, feel free to contact us.